Empower investors to make better decisions by providing them with comprehensive and reliable market analysis data along with neighborhood insights.

The Problem

Users have been viewing the property detail page (PDP) to gather basic information on a bank-owned or foreclosure property. This surface level content has sufficed the basic needs of the user, but the behavioral trend has been to rely on other sources of data for deeper insight on valuable details regarding local comps, rental estimate, and other helpful information regarding the neighborhood surrounding the property.


1. The primary goal was to present a set of insightful data, deemed "Investment Guidance", to influence the user to remain on the PDP and depend less on other sources.
2. The secondary goal was to increase account creation, which made this project a timely effort after a noticeable dip in new registrations year over year.

My Role

I was the lead product designer on the project along with product manager, researcher, content writer, UX manager, and two developers.

The Solution

We engaged with a real estate and finance valuation service, Collateral Analytics, to provide the market data. This helped guide some initial concepts to how we wanted to present the insight on the PDP. Two primary concepts were produced for qualitative user testing: one was a vertical stack of expandable rows and the other was a horizontal card layout that tabbed through the content. We also layered access to the content behind a sign-up to help increase account creation.

Tabbed Content Contextual data based on investor type // Vertical Rows Concept with expandable data rows


After a couple of rounds of feedback from user testing, we received enough validation to develop and deploy the horizontal card layout and changed the name of this section of the PDP "Market Analysis" after some internal stakeholder discussions. The release date was 7/16/19 and these were the results from October 2019.

1. The average time spent on the PDP during the three month time period increased by 7% which speaks to the engagement factor we set out to achieve.
2. We garnered over 7.5K account creations through this new product feature to help boost us out of our dip in user registrations.

Beyond proud of this team. From the concept, through to the design, architecture and data, all the way to execution... this is an outcome we can all be proud of! Great work team.

Jason Allnutt, CEO of

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