Remote dental monitoring powered by artificial intelligence


SmileMate is an innovator of first-to-market orthodontic treatment technology. Utilizing artificial intelligence, 3D mouth scan technology, remote monitoring and automation, they bring orthodontic care directly into your home.

Project Goal

SmileMate’s goal was to acquire two unique users. First, the dentist or orthodontist that would sign-up to join the SmileMate network at utilize the AI and remote monitoring app. Second, patients that would use the mobile app to communicate with their doctor, make payments, schedule appointments, and do weekly scans of their teeth using their smartphone camera and a proprietary attachment.

As Director of UX, my task was to deliver a full product experience to both sets of end users.  

Discovery Process

I started the discover process by envisioning the end users journey and interviewing users to understand their needs. Deliverables included sketches, journey maps, and process flowcharts. Through this process design hypothesis was created and tested through wireframe prototypes for rapid iteration. Throughout the project I directed visual designers on the brand identity and UI/UX style pattern library.

Due to start-up NDA’s I cannot yet display a full case study. Below you will find samples of work displaying my design process and some UI design samples.

Every idea starts with a sketch. Early stage ideation sketches demonstrating the user journey and information architecture.

Following initial ideation, I moved into developing full user process flow charts. Based off research findings and user interviews, I was able to develop personas to begin crafting different user journeys.

Samples of visual execution.

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